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What is Community Transition Solutions (CTS)?

Community Transition Solutions (CTS), formerly Transition Resource Fair, is an event dedicated to assisting men and women returning to the community from prison and jail, and to assist those who are justice-involved and need services to improve their lives.


The original Transition Resources Fair provided information from local and state-wide social service agencies, local non-profit organizations, and relevant workshops about finance, employment law, and legal rights. In addition, this event provided a place where people could gather to share ideas and best practices for this unique population.


Over the past few years, CTS has evolved to provide a more specific goal to those returning to the community. CTS provides on-the-day services, such as DOL abstracts, housing sign-up with the support of Pioneer Human Services and AAHH Sober Living, wellness and dental exams, legal support through Union Gospel Mission's Open Door legal Clinic, enrollment in South Seattle College's myriad of educational programs and back-to-work opportunities, veterans services, both federal and state Division of Child Support, and host of other transitional services.


CTS provides client solutions not just information. This change from the previous Transition Fair model instead brings multiple "offices" and services to the client.