Justice involved individuals are some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Faced simultaneously with COVID-19 and justice reform turmoil in disproportionate numbers, it has left many people of color, especially the justice involved population, impacted by food, health, and safety insecurities.  

KCCPTS' InReach Initiative is working to address some of these risks and challenges. Partnering with the Tzu Chi Foundation, Reentry Corps, Northwest Harvest, Food Lifeline, Archdiocese of Seattle, Unloop, and Tacoma Emergency Food Network we have brought food to over 5000 during this pandemic. We are serving individuals who are in various stages of transition. We have delivered to AAHAA Recovery Houses, Oxford Houses, Conquest Center, Sheryl Bolton Houses, many private residences, the un-homed community in Tacoma, and many more.

We need your donations and support to widen our InReach Initiative by increasing our offering of needed food, masks, hygiene kits, clothing and more to those who need our assistance most during these challenging times.

This initiative is incredibly important. To widen our reach of support we need yours. A member from our incredible team has said, “This work has given me the double benefit of being able to be of service to folks who are coming behind me in their process of transition from incarceration, as well as teaching me how to leverage support from our network of community partners, not only for those folks, but for myself as well, as I progress through this stage of my own transition.”

Everything helps and the KCCPTS team thanks you for your time and assistance with this important initiative. For more information and for updates on our InReach Initiative through this pandemic visit: https://www.facebook.com/kccpts.inreachinitiavtive.1.

InReach Initiative